Thursday, 27 February 2020

managed ethernet switch

Leverage technology solutions to augment customer interaction, drive hyper efficiencies and expand business partner interactions
Wipro’s Network Equipment Provider (NEP) services build the business capabilities required to enable extreme efficiencies, operational autonomy and speed whilst shifting towards a fully customer-centric organization. Clients use our deep industry, functional and technical expertise to digitize and automate business processes while accessing everything-as-a-service to generate cost savings.

Maintenance is crucial when dealing with digital networks, and that’s why we’ll perform regular maintenance to ensure maximum results.

We can replace hardware while supporting critical features, such as Data VLANs, Voice VLAN and ACL. This helps us to ensure a top-quality service from start to finish.

 We use Base our NextGen unified platform to manage end-to-end digital supply chains and customer experience with industry leading technologies such as e-commerce, B2B connectivity, portals, intelligent BPM, cognitive assist digital operations and mobility apps at zero TCO. Clients who partner us gain the ability to innovate in a digital ecosystem through the IoT, implement RPA-driven self-service options and improve their transaction turnaround time by more than 50%.
Our managed services team use engineering excellence and next-generation technology to help your company grow and thrive in the digital world. EN team members are highly skilled and constantly update their certifications to stay current in the ever-changing IT field.

Our NOC is ISO 9001 compliant and supports clients’ infrastructure and applications all the time, anywhere in the world. We manage your network to defend your IT infrastructure and protect your data while giving you high visibility into your network performance. EN NOC keeps a close eye every minute of every day, constantly shielding your business against unintended corruption and intentional breaches.

managed ethernet switch

Switch Services address the importance of LAN reliability while also growing your unified communication solutions. In this day and age, it’s vital that you are able to meet the complex demands of your business and this can all be done through a managed switch solution. We are able to provide you with key features as well, which can be completely tailored to your needs and requirements.
Managed Ethernet switches have more capability than unmanaged switches, but they also require a skilled administrator or engineer to make the most of them. A managed switch enables you to have better control of your network and all the data frames moving through it. Unmanaged switches, on the other hand, enable connected devices to communicate with one another in their most basic form.


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